Visual Arts Works

Visual arts works are intellectual products expressed in diverse forms and materials, with unlimited possibilities.

There is no official catalogue or list of works that may or may not be classified as works of visual art protected under copyright.

For example, in this category one can include drawings, pictures, illustrations, maps, photographs, drawings in cloth, engravings, jewelry design, sculpture, lithographs, kinetic art, crafts (*) among others, all of which are expressed using the most diverse forms.

The possibilities within the visual arts category are immense. The primary factor determining whether your work is protected is originality.

Before presenting the compositions to the public, regardless of how limited that presentation may be, it is recommended that you complete the registration process at Works Copyright. That way, your authorship will not be challenged.

Files registered through Works Copyright can be in any format you choose. For example, the most common are image files (photographs of your work).

To copyright your visual arts work all you need to do is complete the basic registration form on our site, purchase credits and click on the button REGISTER VISUAL ARTS WORK.

All it takes is a few seconds to give your work the protection it deserves.

You can access your registrations whenever you wish, by simply entering your username and password in the vault on our homepage.

In case you have any doubts, please consult our F.A.Q. pages.

 Crafts characterized by the expression of folklore and regional customs and traditions have their protection recognized, but with little specific legal coverage to guarantee the full exercise of rights.