Nonspecific Works and Documents

Nonspecific works are those that fall into areas that are not among the classifications listed in copyright law. But that doesn’t mean they are not intellectual works gifted with originality and creativity and that should, therefore, enjoy full legal protection. You may, in fact, register any document you consider important.

The list of intellectual works protected by copyright laws is merely illustrative, all of which means to say the possibilities for registering a work do not end there.

If they are present, the creativity and originality conferred by an author on his or her work mean authorial protection is guaranteed. This is understood by all of the countries that signed the Berne Convention.

The types of work eligible for protection are unlimited, remembering that this includes all works that do not fit into other existing categories and which were created by a single author or co-authors.

Before your work is presented to the public, sent to a person by e-mail or even shown to someone, it is recommended that you complete the registration process at Works Copyright. That way, your authorship will not be challenged.

Files registered through Works Copyright can be in any format you choose. Any kind of file may be registered.

To copyright your work or document all you need to do is complete the basic registration form on our site, purchase credits and click on the button REGISTER NONSPECIFIC WORK OR DOCUMENT.

All it takes is a few seconds to give your work the protection it deserves.

You can access your copyright registrations whenever you wish, by simply entering your username and password in the vault on our homepage.

In case you have any doubts, please consult our F.A.Q. pages.