Software Works

A software work is protected under copyright law through the way its instructions are expressed, using a machine or computer, thus achieving a specific result. These results may be the same utilizing diverse software (or computer programs), but it is the originality of the solution expressed in the source code that guarantees its protection as intellectual property.

The software (or computer program) has double legal protection: it is protected under Copyright legislation as well as through Patents legislation, keeping in mind that one does not exclude the other.

Here at Works Copyright, the registration of software (or computer program) is proof of authorship for the purpose of guaranteeing rights under copyright law. For the protection of rights under patent law, it is necessary that the author of the software (or computer program) contacts the appropriate authority and follows the orientation of applicable law.

Because of the difficulties in using patent law to support authorship claims, (specifically: fulfilling the requirements of novelty and industrial applicability), using the option for protection under copyright law for software has been most popular with authors.

In many countries, the legislature has chosen to adopt copyright law as an alternative to more specific laws with sui generis rights applied to software or computer programs. In practice, changes occur in relation to the periods of protection, the ownership of property rights by a legal entity, etc.

For example, the time limit on protection for software is generally 50 years, counted from January 1st of the year that follows the year of its creation (this time limit may vary, depending on legislation existent in each country).

It is important to note that the registration of software (or computer program) on the website Works Copyright is incontestable proof of authorship, and therefore, your guarantee of the exercise and protection of your rights as author.

Files registered through Works Copyright can be in any format you choose. For example, one of the most common ways of registering  a work is through the use of text files, containing the code for the program.

To copyright your software work all you need to do is complete the basic registration form on our site, purchase credits and click on the button REGISTER SOFTWARE WORK.

All it takes is a few seconds to give your work the protection it deserves.

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