Musical Works

Musical works are artistic works that may be expressed in any form, be it in scores or in digital sound files, with or without lyrics, in any language.

Note that all genres of music are acceptable, whether known or unknown. What matters is that your creative composition is a copyrighted work that is legally protected.

Every type of composition can and should be protected, everything from sound tracks, blues and electronic music, to gospel, jazz, reggae, etc., even ethnic compositions.

Files registered through Works Copyright can be in any format you choose. For example, some of the most common are text files for lyrics or scores, as well as audio and video files.

If the creation of the musical work was a collaboration of two or more people, you can easily cite all co-authors who participated in the process.

Before presenting the compositions to the public, regardless of how limited that presentation may be, it is recommended that you complete the copyright registration process at Works Copyright. That way, your authorship will not be challenged.

To copyright your musical work all you need to do is complete the basic registration form on our site, purchase credits and click on the button REGISTER MUSICAL WORK.

All it takes is a few seconds to give your work the protection it deserves.

You can access your copyright registrations whenever you wish, by simply entering your username and password in the vault on our homepage.

In case you have any doubts, please consult our F.A.Q. pages.